The best hotels on Samothrace island Greece.

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Archontissa Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Kastro Hotel
Category: 3***
Mariva Hotel
Category: 3***
Orfeas Hotel
Category: 2**
Rodofylli Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Samothraki Village Hotel
Category: 3***
Samothraki Village
To Limeri Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
To Limeri

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Area: 177.977 (69 sq.mi.)
Population: 2723 (as of 2001)
Density: 15/ (40/sq.mi.)
Samothrace or Samothraki is a tiny island lying in the north of the Aegean Sea and offering tourists the greatest escape from severely commercialized resorts and towns of mainland Greece and bigger Greece islands. The island is the best destination for tourists who seek for complete privacy, minimum of entertainments and the greatest leisure experience in the wild nature.
Samothrace features a climate colder than mainland Greece due to its northern location.

The only possible way to get to the island is by ferry coming to Kamariotissa – the center of cultural life and entertaining facilities. Kamariotissa offers night clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and inns, apartments for tourists and the only internet café of the island. Mind that native Greeks are eager visitors of Samothraki enjoying its serene nature and enchanting beaches.
The most wanted and thus much crowded shore area of Samothraki is Pahia Ammos reachable with a regular bus departing from Kamariotissa. It is an 800m long great sandy location embraced with mountains cutting into the waters with dramatic cliffs and offering exceptional views. Kipos is another well known beach on the eastern part of Samothraki. It attracts fewer tourists due to black volcanic pebble covering the area. It features less touristic facilities and offers more privacy. Those looking for complete privacy will love Vatos being one of the wildest and the most distant beaches of the destination. You can reach it only by boat or in a few hours of intense walking from Pahia Ammos.
Samothrace offers great places to stop: camps, privately rented apartments and hotels. The variety of hotels offers different facilities: luxurious rooms featuring state of the art facilities and simple motels offering a bed and a shower/WC in a cozy room. Archondissa Beach Hotel in seaside Therma is one of the most wanted hotels providing the greatest facilities to relax and spend unforgettable vacation. Mind that this is a popular location for weddings.
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